Don’t have resolutions for 2021? Good. Keep it that way. Do these 5 things instead…

Mahima Chaudhary
3 min readJan 2, 2021


So it’s that time of the year again, my social media feed is exploding with #NewYearNewMe. As always, New Year Resolutions Are In The Air. Does the idea of doing 10,000 steps every day for the rest of the year sound eerily familiar? I’m pretty sure that one’s been on all our lists at some point or another.

Now for those of you for whom New Year resolutions work, congratulations you filthy animals and a happy new year! Turn around and walk away, this article is not for you. For those mere mortals like me who burn out within the first few weeks or are merely curious, read on…

I get how end of year is a time of great merriment. It’s a symbolic time where we banish the bad, leave old habits behind and start anew. It can be anything! Eating habits, general behaviour, health, mental wellness, professional success. Funnily enough, with this great merriment and enthusiasm comes the ridiculous need to set somewhat unrealistic goals that we feel we can conquer, just like climbing Mount Everest in a t-shirt and thongs (Australian for flip flops people…get your head out of the gutter).

Here’s a few common ones:

Turning vegan? check

Losing weight? check

Eating healthy? check

Gymming everyday? double check (hello six pack)

Being perfect? check

On New Year’s Eve a friend promptly told me, “I want to be like my old self 2021”, When I asked her what that meant, her response was “13 Kilograms lighter”. Nothing wrong with that but without a sustainable and realistic plan…it’s like climbing the Everest.

New Year resolutions fail for all sorts of reasons, some of them from personal experience being: unclear goals, unrealistic timelines, daunting change, not being ready to change, lack of instant results and thus believing it’s not with effort. These reasons are not bad reasons, they are just the truth.

Now change is daunting, it always has been and always will be. Yet, It is also exhilarating and freeing, it opens you up to new experiences, helps you push your limits and explore a side of yourself that you never knew existed!

Making any changes to your life needs to be on your terms. Always. Sure, It could be at the start of a new year but it can be at any given point of time of the year .whenever it works best for you. Instead of resolutions here’s what usually works instead:

Setting value based goals

When setting goals think about what you need in your life and why you need it. For any goal to eventually become a reality, what you aim for needs to be important — not just basic wants, but your most heart felt desires. The things that really matter.

Finding your balance

Through a series of trial and error, find what works best for you. You are a unique individual and so are your needs. Find the goals and achievements that make you your happiest best physically, emotionally and mentally. Whatever the combination may be, find your balance.

Setting realistic goals that benefit you

Do we really need to have 10% body fat to feel fit? Do we really need to be a size 0 to feel beautiful? Can these achievements be sustained once achieved? For a minute, forget about what your best friend or your next door pro golfer neighbour is doing. Look at where you are in life and what works best for you. Let your goals be a reflection of you and making realistic long term life improvements to your benefit.

Being your own best friend

For any new goals to work in the long-run, go easy on yourself. Don’t punish yourself emotionally, physically or mentally for setbacks. Set your goals and work on them, make changes to them when necessary.

Taking breaks

It is okay to not follow your resolutions or your goals 100%. Want to eat that Parma? Eat it. Don’t feel like running 5 km today and want to sleep in instead? Do it. While routine is crucial to achieving any goals, so is listening to your mind and body. When you feel like taking a break, Take it. It’s all about finding your balance anyway.



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